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Mixed Assortment MOQ FOB Export Offer
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USCensus Sch B # 1901.20.0025

For Canada exports, under the Foreign Trade Regulations, Subpart D, §30.36, non-licensable exports to Canada are exempt from export filing requirements   Canada HTS # 1901.20.1910 

All Products are also certified:

Gluten Free by GIG
Organic by CCOF
Verified non-GMO

Kosher by Earth Kosher 
Made in the  U S A


Pallet Load Dimension 40 inches x 48 inches x 72 inches -  Shrink wrapped.

The MOQ would be one pallet, (240 cases), which will be 12 rows of 20 boxes each, which will be approximately 5.5 feet tall plus 6 inches of pallet height. (6 feet tall)

One pallet, 40 x 48 inches ……..…..= 25 lbs
240 cases (x 6.6 oz per box) ……….= 99 lbs
1440 units x .6 oz per bag ……….....= 54 lbs
Price $3.50 a package, six packagess in a case,
$21/ case
60 cases of Buckwheat Bread mix = 293 lbs $21 x 60 =  $1260.00
60 cases of All Purpose Flour mix .= 360 lbs $21 x 60 =  $1260.00
60 Pancake & Waffle mix  ………...= 315 lbs $21 x 60 =  $1260.00
60 Make-a-Cake your way mix …...= 360 lbs $21 x 60 =  $1260.00
Total weight for one pallet…….= 1506 lbs  
ExWorks - Ventura, California 93004    $5040.00
Inland Freight   $265
Export Documentation fee $65
AES filing fee $50
Bank fee $45
CFS handling Fee * $85
FOB, Long Beach, California
Prices for other ports are available upon request
E & O E
(* If ocean freight booked by JJBoyle Freight Forwarders, $85 CFS handling fee is waived.) 
Contact JJBoyle Freight Forwarders for Ocean Freight Quote and Booking.



Four weeks from receipt of full payment.



TT, fully prepaid -

SWIFT   RABOUS66      Routing  122238420


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The retail prices for the small mixes in the US range from $5.99 to $7.99.

Arnel's Originals, Inc. is a pioneer in gluten free mixes, and we are committed to serving you with products that make your customers happy.  When you have tested our products in your market, we look forward to developing a long term and mutually advantageous partnership.

Ventura, California